Hi, my name is Danielle, but if you are reading this chances are I should be saying hi family instead. But if you happen to be one of the few readers whom I’m not related to, then welcome! I am currently in the midst of a 6 week traveling adventure doing a mix of organized tours and meeting up with my mom and my friend, Laura.

The idea for this blog really came from feeling like I didn’t do enough on my previous travels documenting my experiences. Sure my parents had my brother and I keep travel journals when we were kids, but the pages of mine are mostly filled with some variation on “ugh, mom is being like so mean, she is totally making me write in this stupid journal. Doesn’t she know I just want to play on my gameboy?” In other words, my previous attempts at keeping a diary have been pretty useless.

This time around I knew that I would be out longer than my usual vacation, and even though I am not much for social media I thought that a blog would be a good way at combining my desire to remember my experiences as well as keep friends and (mostly) family back home updated. Enjoy!