Italy · Rome

Day 17


Today my mom and I decided to have a relaxed day and just walk around and explore the area. So while today was a lot of fun, there isn’t really much to report because we just walked along a lot of different streets searching for boutique shops. The best place we found was this really cool ceramics store that we spotted while walking towards another place I had entered in Google maps. It was a spontaneous and random stop, and I think those are always the best ones. My mom found this absolutely beautiful bowl that I unfortunately don’t have a photo of because once we bought it the owner/artist wrapped it up, and I got a funky pendant necklace.

Lunch was a tad disappointing because I was so hungry that I decided against the place I had looked up in favor of its next door neighbor that was already open. To quote a popular film, big mistake…huge. It wasn’t vile, but it certainly wasn’t anything to rave about. But the bright side was that it was in the Trestevere neighborhood which is near a bunch of shopping so I was able to buy my mom a really fun necklace. Sorry I didn’t even think to take a picture of the things we bought until after they had been wrapped up!

As much fun as the walk with my mom around the Trestevere neighborhood was, by far my favorite part of the day was the pasta making class my mom and I took tonight. For reasons I will not understand, my mom was hesitant about this class; she wasn’t sure it would be something she would enjoy (which is just crazy when you think about how much she likes to cook). However I am happy to report that even she agrees that this was an amazing time.

It was not only a fun group of people, but it was really cool learning just how easy it is (fingers crossed) to make pasta. I’m sure when I come back home without someone there to correct me it will turn out to be much more frustrating, but at the class it was just fun. All of the other parts of the meal were already made, that meant that we only needed to worry about making really good pasta, and it was good…really really really good. A perfect end to a perfect day!



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