Czech Republic · Prague

Day 12


I have never been so happy for a day full of driving in my entire life, waking up this morning required a lot more stretching than is usually necessary. I wasn’t even that exhausted, but my feet and calves were craving down time. So in a way today is a reprieve for both me and you, because after yesterday’s novella today’s post will be much shorter (however feel free to tell me that you appreciate my long-winded storytelling, tangents and all!).

The only stops we made today as we worked our way from Kraków to Prague were bathroom breaks and a quick lunch at a truck stop. Surprisingly their goulash was actually pretty good. I’d even go so far as to say that it was better than some of the restaurants we had stopped at for lunch previously–though that could just be because I finally had a lunch that wasn’t schnitzel. Also pretty interesting, at least to me, was that the tv channel playing while we ate was showing professional trampolining.

By the time we pulled into Prague it wasn’t quite late enough for dinner but also too early to complete our walking tour in time to eat at the designated Topdeck restaurant. This meant that we had a good hour-hour and a half to just veg out. Since so much of doing a tour like this means that it is pretty much go go go, it was nice having some me time.

On our way to dinner we first stopped off at this bizarre water fountain/sculpture of two men peeing. Usually when I think of sculptures of peeing men (cannot believe I even have a usual for this) I think of old classical style fountains, mainly like those found in Rome. But this was definitely not that. It was a modern metal sculpture of two men on opposite sides both peeing on the ground with the base making up the shape of the Czech Republic…I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one! But what made this fountain more–odd, unique, crazy… I don’t know–is that the lower half of the body including a certain *ahem* member moves as the statues pee. This artist apparently has a number of wild sculptures throughout Prague, but this was the only one we got to see.

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Told you it was interesting

Our dinner tonight was a lot of fun because for the first time drinks were included; so I ordered the house wine which was actually not that bad. The first course was once again a soup, but this time each smaller table of 6 got a large vessel of soup that we could then ladle into our soup bowls. This soup was much chunkier than what I like (which isn’t really saying much since I’m generally not a soup fan), but I felt like what the hell and tried it anyway.

Unlike some if my other forays into the culinary unknown, this soup was not my favorite…although it did make a decent dipping vehicle for my bread. The weird thing about this soup though was that even though it was a semi-clear white soup, it tasted disturbingly close to tortilla soup, a traditionally red soup. It just left me wondering what the mystery ingredient it is that makes these two soups taste similar but does not add the red coloring.

After dinner we started our walking tour, and this got off to a fun start as we got to see fireworks while crossing the Charles Bridge. The walking tour was definitely a highlight; the whole city looks amazing at night and I just wish I had a better camera so that my photos could do it justice. Seeing how cool Prague looks at night just has me really excited to see it during the day tomorrow!

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