Day 10


I’m going to just cut to the chase and say that today was a really hard day. I’ve gone back and forth between wanting to share my experience versus keep it to myself. On the one hand it was such a deeply personal experience for me that I’m not sure it’s something I really want to share with people. But on the other hand I am reminded that especially with everything that is going on in the world right now it is important to share these stories so that we can always remember what happened. I want to fulfill that obligation, but I think I just need some time to process everything before I can coherently and meaningfully write up my day. 100 percent if anyone wants to talk to me about this or ask me any questions I will gladly do so, but until then I think this is one post that is going to either have to wait until I get back home, or just be saved for person to person conversations. I’m worried that if I write up too much what I am thinking and feeling right now the whole tone of this blog will change, and while I’m not opposed to writing about, more serious topics, the point of this blog is to write up about my travels.


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