Day Two


Since we didn’t go out the night before Shanna and I were able to be one of the first to get up where we were greeted by a spectacular buffet breakfast with some damn delicious potatoe dumplings and beautiful deserts from their bakery café. This is probably a good point to mention that we were staying at the most amazing hotel called Hotel Gellért. It is one of the oldest hotels in Budapest and is absolutely gorgeous; driving up for the first time I could barely keep my jaw from dropping. This hotel is also famous for its natural hot springs spa. Personally I thought it was way too hot outside for this to be enjoyable…but it was free since we were staying at the hotels…

The breakfast buffet to rule all breakfast buffets

Shanna and I started our day walking up the hill next to our hotel. Here is another image of the hotel that I took from this walk. This angle shows the room where we were staying, we were literally right where you see the blue flag; that was our balcony. And just to further emphasize how nice our room was it was two stories, and since I arrived first I was able to claim the double bed 😉 But the best part is that even though it was just two people to a room, our room had two–that’s right, TWO–full bathrooms. It was pretty epic. I have since learned that we were the only ones who received this special treatment…Happy Birthday Danielle!!


While climbing the hill was a bit rough first thing in the morning (it wasn’t long, but it was very steep) the view was completely worth it. And since we were able to be up early we got to do this while it still felt amazing outside; significantly less hot and humid.

After the hike we started off on the hour and a half walk to get to Vajdunhuyad Castle. Sadly since it was a Monday all of the museums were closed, but because of where our hotel was located on the Buda side and the castle is on the Pest side we were able to have an amazing walk arms getting to see a lot of different parts of the cities. It turns out that the Buda side is considered the posh side (I can already see Uncle David and Cliff rolling their eyes and saying of course that’s where Danielle is staying) and the Pest side is where all of the clubs are.

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During this walk Shanna and I stopped in this really cool little shop that sold all sorts if hipster stuff. My absolute favorite thing in the store had to be these lovely cans of ‘fresh’ Budapest air. I was feeling all kinds of Spaceball vibes. Turns out Shanna never saw Spaceballs, so of course I’m going to do my best to convince her to see it!

This actually cost around $10!

Because we stopped in a few different areas the walk took significantly longer than and hour and a half, so we caved and took a taxi over to the famous Central Market so that we could arrive in time before it closed at 2:00. I think that Shanna liked the market more than I did. The building itself was beautiful, but the market didn’t really lend itself to trying samples and the upstairs area that sold full meals was so crowded that we could barely walk it. Overall this and the spa at the hotel were the only things that I wasn’t in love with, but everything else was amazing. I wish we had a little bit more of a history tour of the city, but it was so beautiful that I had a blast just getting to see it all.

For dinner I faced my fears and joined the group for a meal on a river cruise on the Danube. So glad that I did this, the food was really good and the views were even better. The river itself was so calm that I could barely even feel that we were moving.

The Parliament building all lit up

After dinner most of our group moved over to Szempler Kert ruin bar, and it was just as cool as you said Jamie. We didn’t stay out that late because Day Three is a travel day, but we were able to make it to another ruin bar, but I have no idea what it was called.


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