Day One

Okay, I’m going to try and keep this portion a little brief so I can skip to the good stuff, but some interesting things did happen on the way over so I don’t want to completely leave those out.

The flight over was actually about as smooth as it could be; I completely lucked out on my flight to New York because the middle seat was left empty so I got extra foot room. The lady I was next to was very nice, but it was kind of strange because she was flying in specifically to go to the 9/11 memorial site.

After I landed I headed out to my Aunt Janet and Uncle Steve’s house out in Brooklyn. I seriously can’t thank them enough for all of the awesome food that they gave me, and for staying up to keep me company even though it was way past when they would normally go to bed. The next day Janet and I walked from Coney Island to Brighton Beach, and I’ve got to say, we were both pretty surprised at how clean it was.

Then it was time for the long haul to get from NYC to Budapest. The food on airplanes has drastically improved, my dinner was a spinach ricotta ravioli in a white wine sauce with poached pears…needless to say I was a bit surprised.

Fine Dining in the Sky

Now the landing portion of this story is where it starts to get interesting. I was in too much of a rush to make my connecting flight from Heathrow to Budapest to do anything about it, but I saw Jack White at my gate holding a guitar!!!! At first I was just thinking why the hell is this guy holding a guitar out of a bag at the airport, but when I saw his face I was able to connect the dots (regular Sherlock that I am). I’m thinking that my family probably has no idea who I am talking about, but he is a musician who was part of the band The White Stripes. Trust me, you have heard one of their songs, you just didn’t know it at the time.
To be honest not much happened on day one. I landed at around 12:30 and had to wait at customs til 1:30. Basically I was just exhausted. At 5:0o I met the people I’m on tour with and we did a quick driving tour of the city. My roommate Shanna and I learned the hard way that you don’t sit at the back of the bus, the speakers don’t really work so we barely heard half of what our guide was saying…but it did give us a good understanding of where things were located so we could make a note of them for today.

Fatally Delicious

After the tour we went out to dinner at a lovely little place called Fatál. Google Translate tells me that this means platter, and since I’m not feeling like I was poisoned I feel safe saying that it isn’t the same as the English fatal. It gave us a good laugh though. After this most of the tour went out to a bar, but it was already pretty late when we were done with dinner and my roommate and I were knackered.



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